7. They are very friendly, and their nature makes them excellent for children. I will  We are not set up to take in full size horses or standard donkeys. Aug 28, 2017 · rural heritage mules and donkeys landing page. Miniature Donkeys as Livestock Guardians We receive many calls from people looking for a miniature donkey to guard their goats or sheep. I have sold many donkeys over the years, some for halter breaking and some as gaurd donkeys. Most standards can easily kill ONE viscous dog with little or no battle scars. We are dedicated to producing high quality Mediterranean Donkeys. I have two standard donkeys for sale. Eighteen years ago we bought our first two miniature donkeys, Jason and Josie (I think getting miniature donkeys was my idea; Ken insists it was his. Canyon, TX. April 9, 2018. 01 inches to 54 inches. Milk bottles, old tyres and cardboard boxes make great hiding places. If you need donkeys a horse mini cows, standard cows etc LET ME KNOW. ride and drive. Sponsors Nuttall's donkeys thrive on Mollichaf Donkey, a complete fibre feed specially formulated for donkeys. Click here to return to All Creatures Small Farm miniature donkeys. We also have standard size herd protector donkeys to Donkeys: Miniature, Standard, and Mammoth: A Veterinary Guide for Owners and Breeders [Purdy DVM, Stephen] on Amazon. WE DELIVER USUALLY 1X A MONTH IN THE NORTH. Donkey. People have always asked me why I choose to raise miniature donkeys. I am not sure why some folks think that donkeys can just be hooked up to a cart, with or without a harness and away they go on a safe and fun little ride, but this is very unsafe to assume. 1 gelded Jack who is super friendly but has been foundered in the past. Pinto. All our miniature donkeys are handled daily and imprinted at birth. They may be further divided for show and breeding purposes into SMALL STANDARD DONKEY, standing from 36. The mom, who is near 40 yrs. They are measured at the withers (shoulder): Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys 36” or less Standard Donkeys Small Standard 36 – 40” Standard 40 – 48” Large Standard 48 – 54” for Jennets 48 – 56” for Jacks Mammoth Donkeys 54” and up for Jennets 56” and up for Jacks. Our breeding program includes sorrel, brown and black donkeys. Jenny, Jack. Also for Sale Alpacas and Standard Donkeys: Page Sponsered by: Animals and Items for Sale in the Western Kentucky Area Aug 01, 2017 · Place treats at distances to encourage your donkeys to walk, or inside objects so that they have to work to retrieve them. Call us about availability. His bray is very deep and beautiful. So if you would like to be on the waiting list, please e-mail me for info. She halters and leads. Donkeys for Sale in Michigan Post Free Ad Standard Donkey Jenny. The most prevalent color for Miniature Donkeys is gray-dun which consists of a gray colored body, light colored nose - or dark colored nose -, light colored belly and inside legs, with a dark color dorsal stripe down the back and over the shoulders. They both are in ur back pocket kind of donkeys and will follow you all over. may trade. Donkeys are guard animals by nature. We breed for black, dark brown/black, spot, sorrel, and gray colors. Donkeys can also make wonderful guard animals. May 07, 2020 · Donkeys can be bred with several other species to create hybrids. Dec 14, 2015 · Miniature donkeys are an affectionate and comical breed, forming bonds with humans much like dogs do. Call or text please. They are known to be the smartest of all donkeys despite their size. and could be injured or killed by a couple of large dogs or coyotes. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on horseclicks. If you are interested in adopting one of our donkeys  3 Jul 2020 *PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING: To protect the best interests of the donkeys Longhopes normally only adopts donkeys out in PAIRS. Mammoth, standard and mini. Dec 04, 2019 · At Rock Point Farm, our efforts are focused on breeding for and raising better performance donkeys. Most donkeys are “standard donkeys” with a height of between 36 and 48 inches at the shoulder. We have very strict guidelines for our broodmares because we believe that only the best mares should be used to produce top quality mules. She came in pregnant, and unfortunately delivered a stillborn little boy. Miniature Donkeys are under 9 hands, Standard Donkeys are between 9 and 14 hands and  Standard Donkeys For Sale. as well as woolly donkeys of all colors. Alpaca Magic always has animals for sale. We are proud to be sponsored by HorseHage who help support us in delivering the highest standard in traditional donkey rides. 01 inches up to 48 inches. For those who enjoy the challenge of competition, there are a variety of driving classes offered at most shows. Acres has a wide variety of miniature and micro mini donkeys for sale at our farm in Letts, IA. He is a real sweetie. Fill out an Irene is a 2003 standard donkey jennet who came to MHARF… February  12. For comparison, standard donkeys range from 36 to 48 inches (92 to 123 centimeters) tall and weigh 400 to 500 pounds (181 to 227 kilograms). Running with cows However, Samurai NEEDS to be an ONLY MALE Donkey. They are about 1-1/2yrs old. 5 hand, 9 year old, gelded, standard bred donkey. Donkeys can perform all the gaits horses or mules do. Miniatures weigh 200 to 450 pounds (91 to 204 kilograms). Standard donkeys - can be grouped as Small standards (36. 01-40") and Standard donkeys (40. Much more compliant! 3) they get fat FAST. 2) personally I like male donks better. It takes a female donkey up to 13 months to have a baby. As long as the donkey is given a choice and bonds with a horse or mule even though donkeys are present. We have quality miniatures that will make loving pets for all ages and good breeding stock at affordable prices. We maintain a small but select broodmare band. feel free to visit our website windyhillfarm. Percy was bought in with his mother at the beginning of June. A place to spend time with others interested in draft animals, self-sufficient living, $1700 EACH standard donkeys NOT miniature 1 male baby donkey left born in January, 2020. Since 150-pound equine foals and 2000-pound draft horses are given the same dose of vaccine, I recommend full-size, standard equine vaccine doses for donkeys of all sizes. government has a program to find homes for excess donkeys on BLM lands. Steve’s Trail Rider LIte fits them all great, especially with his matching saddle pad. Both well handled, Annie is a 2 year old standard jennet that had to be bottle raised. Jack 300. Birth Height: 22″ video of Carson & Vernon few days riding each and every one of this outstanding group of mammoth saddle donkeys we have put together for your consideration. Male donkeys are called jacks. In the U. Miniature donkeys for sale at BBB, where you may buy your adult miniature donkeys and miniature donkey foals. In the wild, donkeys graze with their heads down. Labelle Donkeys For Sale Classifieds, Florida. Dec 14, 2015 · Mammoth Donkeys For Sale In Nevada. Animals referred to as burros usually are standard-sized donkeys. 15 Sep 2014 For most people wanting to match a horse with a donkey, a Standard donkey is often the first choice. The height at the withers ranges from 7. At Holyland, o ur mission is to rescue and rehabilitate (both physically and mentally) and re-home (through adoption) unwanted, neglected and abused donkeys. The best size is 46 inches to 52 or 54 inches. Starting with raising standard size donkey, then seeing the miniature size later, my love for these amazing critters, now has my herd at 80 + donkeys. They only weigh on average 200 lbs. Miniature Donkeys Offered For Sale Currently Highlighted We have Quality Jennets and some very nice jacks that are offered for sale. Willing to sale as well but rather trade. • To discuss donkey and mule terminology, genetic makeup Standard Donkey- between 36 and 54 inches at the withers at   (Jo Brand). 01" to 54" (jennets) or 56" (Jacks) Mammoth Jackstock - jennets are over 54" in height, jacks are over 56". Donkeys breed slowly this is why They are in danger. In the past the farm has focused on mule and donkey production, recently we have cut back on our mare herd and increased our jennet pool by number and quality. And is a real sweet heart. Very pleasant personality; good looking fellow, straight hind legs. Definitely the worker bee of the species, most donkeys have it pretty hard. Donkeys is the only way to make the noun donkey plural. Start your Summer out with a new riding donkey ! These are the very BEST set of Riding Donkeys we have ever had! If you are interested in what we have in training please give us a call. He has been raised with cows (previous owners), horses (both standard & mini), sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, geese, chickens, dogs and cats. cerned. S. Couple of jacks. I want you to enjoy donkeys as I do ;) Text me your address and what you're interested in and I'll give you delivery cost 229-977 5201 We love donkeys and you will too! We have a large variety at all times. For shipping and my up and coming trips check the top of my miniature for sale page for info. They will often freeze and refuse to move when they sense danger. com. NOTE*** Most of my standard babies are sold before I post them, I have a waiting list every year. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - standard donkey listings. Located in Yea Victoria and presently have both mature donkeys and foals for sale. Zebras and donkeys for sale at all times. Find and shopping results for Teacup Donkeys for Sale from mySimon. He loves kids, people and treats, and will do great on a farm. Delivery available. You can create an advertisement for Donkeys For Sale and advertise free Donkeys For Sale ads with photos to publish online advertisement placement. Donkeys available from donkey breeders, and donkeys for sale at large costs are no different or better than a donkey for adoption at rescues. When she ran through the sale in a group, we lifted our card, pointing at her and our first pick, a young black  Feed the Mammoth donkey at a petting zoo in Walnut Creek Ohio. Goliad, Texas. Fat and healthy but can not keep any more. Donkeys: Miniature = 36″ or less at the withers; Small Standard = 36. The wild ancestor of the donkey is the African wild ass, E. Find donkeys, asses, jennys and jacks for sale on EquineNow. It is best to use donkeys that are three years old and older. Please feel free to call with any questions or to inquire about putting a deposit down on the next donkeys born, but keep in mind it will be close to summer 2017 before I will have any ready to go home. Posted May 13, 2007: HOME: Additional Donkeys / Pictures will be posted soon Itsy Bitsy Burro Company has raised miniature donkeys since 1991. Some of the males can be too agressive. Florida Miniature donkeys for sale. net or give Ted a call - Click here to reveal phone number - will trade and ship anywhere Read full description Nylon halter adjusts both around the nose and over the crown for a perfect fit. See Miniature donkeys for sale. May 05, 2012 · We are the "mystery donkeys". Our individually selected donkeys have been imported from some of the very best ranches in America. Miniature donkeys are members of the equine family. The Longhopes Donkey Shelter was incorporated January 2000 but began in 1998 when the founder, Kathy Dean, went looking for her own donkeys. For Sale Named after a good friend who had purchased donkeys from us in the past, He passed away in 2017. There are three breeds of donkey recognized by North American registries; the Miniature, Standard, and Large Standard. Aug 14, 2015 · A 12’x12′ horse stall can easily house 1-3 Miniature Donkeys or two standard donkeys. Miniature donkeys are the most entertaining and loveable pet imaginable! I strive to raise healthy happy Looking to trade my standard sized donkey for a mini donkey. October 2th - Liberty x Nitro - Ember; October 1th - Risky x Nitro - Tinder (They are occasionally on Hawkwind's Cam #1 at night. Mules (and donkeys) For Sale Below are the long ears we currently have for sale, those with prices or "contact for pricing" are available to be viewed and tried now. That cannot be stressed enough. About Us For Sale For Sale. Most of our herd can be traced back to the imports. Thank you for considering our donkeys to be a special part of your future. We have a few colts for sale each year. Their lifespan is between 25 to 35 years, occasionally more and mature height is 36 inches or under weighing between 225 and 350 pounds. Little Pig Farm4180 S. California Donkeys For Sale Classifieds. . They will need a muzzle or a dry lot. *darker one has been sold* donkey 2- is light silver grey in colour. While twins can be born viable, it isn't very common. We also strive to maintain sound qualities from well-known bloodlines within our herd of mammoth donkeys. Measuring 36 to 48 inches at the shoulder, the standard donkey is the quintessential donkey – the donkeys’ donkey. " Drop: Overseer Krix Zone: Arathi Highlands. $400 Two year old standard donkey named Our ranch is in a remote area out of Musselshell, Montana, a county rich in history, natural resources and agriculture. They are small standard size donkeys. Born 8-4-11 When breeding standard and mammoth donkies, there is a higher chance of twins when compared to breeding horses. The Jenny is a standard size and I can for sale, Standard Spotted Donkeys. miniature - under 36" at the withers; small standard - over 36" and up to and  Select breeders and marketers of Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys for show, Check back later in June for more info on sale donkeys or give us a call at (204) 745-3088. 3088) or send us an email heartandsoulstables@gmail. American Mammoth Jackstock is an American breed developed in the 19th century, at one time their numbers were less than 2,000 animals when farming became industrialized, but as a docile, friendly animal, now their numbers are rising. Riding Donkeys For Sale More riding donkeys are in training and will be posted here real soon! Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries. They are $250 a piece. Discover Donkey for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace. gentle jenny. Sale. Height: 301/4" Color: brown Date of Birth: Sire: Lil Angels Crimson Tide { 311/2" red} Belle Hollow Farm and Exotics is a breeder of F-2, F-3, F-6, and F-7 Savannah cats, Egyptian Maus Kittens, Sheep, and Mini Donkeys. Upon the sale of a donkey the new owner is provided with an information Spring of 2002 found us training our large standard jack, “Myron” to harness. I have even worked trimming hooves on the male so they are fairly easy to work with. Most people prefer jennies over jacks or geldings. Because I am a first time equine owner I want to make sure my donkeys have the BEST little lives and have enough food and plenty of space. We are a national organization encouraging input from farms, breeders, exhibitors, rescues and hobbyists to increase awareness of these magnificent equine. Thanks. 5" @ 6 months standard donkeys in Austin, Texas at AmericanListed. Big hardworking mules—strong and steady, kind and gentle—who were in strapped into harness every day of their lives, performed their duties admirably and then sent to auction. These donkeys make great breeding animals, riding and driving donkeys. The smallest type is known as Miniature donkey. Description. They have VERY independent minds! Miniature Donkeys For Sale. The other type is the Standard breed measuring 36-54 inches and final one is the Mammoth breed that measures more than 54 inches. mySimon. Training. It's also free to list a donkey on our site if you want to sell. Donkeys make great pets. Kat has grown and developed right along with the program. Click to learn more! Miniature donkeys are amazing magical creatures. Olive is a 6-7 year old an untouchable standard jennet. May 04, 2017 · For Sale (click on photos for additional pictures) We have several donkeys for sale that are not currently listed on our for sale page, please contact us. We offer trained Large Standard and Mammoth Saddle Donkeys for sale. for sale, PAIR OF STANDARD DONKEYS 1 CUT JACK AND 1 JENNY FOR MORE INFO CALL TOMMY AT Loc. It is best to use donkeys that are three years old or older. The Sicilian donkey is a  Donkey✓ ✓ for sale✓ Buy and sell horses on Europe's leading horse market. If you are interested before the pictures are posted, please call 214-649-2186. Ocala Donkeys For Sale Classifieds, Florida. All Creatures Small Farm Jesse and Kay Patterson . 00 Tel: 3202827867 | 55336 | MN | 11/30/-0001 | More Information. Jennys. We have 45 acres of rolling hills with several barns. Livestock Of America is the place to find Donkeys online from Donkey ranches across USA. Lastly, there are animal auction houses where donkeys are available. We do our best to educate people on the care of these wonderful animals. Jul 19, 2020 · We have owned donkeys for 30 years since 1990 but we have been raising foals for 24 years since 1996 when our first foal was born. Breed societies in Canada and the United States register donkeys according to their size, as miniature, standard or mammoth donkeys. Details of auctions and the latest items for sale are on Facebook. Originally, we started out rescuing only miniature donkeys, but the rescue has grown in every way, including the size of donkeys that we have helped. One chocolate smaller Jenny 10 years old. Dwarfism: Miniature Donkeys are not bred down Standard Donkeys, they are a  Donkeys for Sale. Keep in mind that these donkeys can only do so much because of their age. Mules Offered For Sale Currently Highlighted We have additional mules available not posted on the website. Although donkeys are sometimes characterized as being stubborn, the fact is that they tend to stop and think before acting. I saw a standard donkey go into the sale ring, and it was love at first sight. Although millions of years ago donkeys and horses had  How much land do you need for a donkey? Find out in our useful guide to achieving the optimum layout, as well as what fencing is most suitable for donkeys and  Tough enough for what you want to do. American Donkey Association - Donkeys of all sizes; miniature donkeys, standard donkeys and mammoth donkeys at the American Donkey Association. Hoponick miniature donkeys for sale Pennsylvania Standard donkey. Please contact us and we can explain the process and how our program works. Because mammoth donkeys are relatively rare, males are generally not gelded - they are in demand as breeding stock These 3 lovely standard donkeys were received from a couple, who owned a small acreage, but sold their property after 50 years. The same applies for the female, including the size of the reproductive tract. Prices depend on the animal, the sex, pregnancy status, the age and the conformation. Larger donkeys, such as Spanish Jacks or Mammoth Jacks, are horse-sized. Saved from Large Standard Donkey Sale Donkeys Pega - Bing images. Large Standard Donkey:. Miniature donkeys are herd animals and they need the companionship of other herd type animals. $800 for ALL 3! 979-224-450two text The paint baby in the pic belongs to the paint jack. Very strong & solid donk with good all round comfirmation. Large Standard 48 – 54” for Jennets and 48 – 56” for Jacks Note: Donkey Size Pack Saddle Tree "Bars" are available in 16 or 18" Lengths. Miniature mules are up to 40 inches. These miniature breed of donkeys don’t go past the height of 36 inches. Born 2-26-13 . Miniature donkeys for sale at Shorecrest Farms in Linden, Pennsylvania. He is a son of our multi champion in halter and performance, Little Red Man. Spotted Tri Color Male Foal. Your equine  5 Jul 2019 7. Yes, the ears will fit. History of the donkey. time deposits will be applied to a future purchase. She was rescued when her owner sold her at auction for slaughter. ~A Deposit of half of the cost of the donkey by cash or check. standard donkeys in Tulsa, Oklahoma at AmericanListed. If you are looking for a certain pedigree, color, sex, characteristic please give the farm a call (204. ~It is non-refundable if the buyer decides to back out of the sale at the last minute. Miniature donkeys are too small for this job. Holyland takes in unwanted, abused, and neglected donkeys. The noun donkey adheres to the standard rules for forming the plurals of nouns in English (shown in the table below). Visitors are always welcome and our farm is located in Joplin Missouri a stop right off of Historic Route 66. : 9. She is said to be quite the gentle soul  18 Jul 2017 Last year, they adopted from Peaceful Valley two normal-sized (or “standard”) donkeys — 1-year-old Ellie Mae and 3-year-old Otis. Sire Amarillo Slim is an own son of Jenjack, a prominent mammothstock sire. Gelding is a blue-gray with white points, and the jack is a blue-roan with white points. com has the best deals and lowest prices on Teacup Donkeys for Sale 3 Standard Paint Donkeys Paint Jack 2 Paint Jennies Very possible to be bred! He does his job All three are gentle and come to feed. They despise stray dogs, wolves and coyotes (They are friendly to your own pets because they somehow know the difference). Find donkey stallions at stud with our online stallion directory. Americanlisted has classifieds in Belew Creek, North Carolina for dogs and cats. Miniature Donkeys are under 9 hands, Standard Donkeys are between 9 and 14 hands and Mammoth Donkeys are Standard Donkeys For Sale. If interested please contact me at can discuss what you are Georgetown, Kentucky » Donkeys $600: Mini jack donkey Mini jack donkey Donkeys are our thing! We buy, sell, rescue, and breed donkeys. Sold with Vernon- moving to Sebastapol. She has been to the Minnesota State Fair and shown in donkey/mule shows for riding and driving. Gentle, Sweet, easy to catch and handle. Some have asked if the donkeys that we are currently showing are for sale, and the answer is 'yes' they are, but we only accept a deposit, not payment in full until after show season! Reason being, it takes so much time to select, condition and train donkeys for the show ring, and it's so hard to start a new one in the middle of the season. Dark brown wooly spotted jennet DOB: 27 April 2018 Height: 21. We are surrounded by beautifully wooded landscapes and eastern rolling hills. com – Classifieds across North Carolina. At Berry Ridge, we raise and train miniature donkeys for driving and performance. " Smashing  "Likely stolen from Newstead in the Arathi Highlands, this stalwart little donkey was destined to be eaten by kobolds. That enables the descendants of these desert dwellers to more easily digest what they are fed. 5 Apr 2019 Lillie, one of the mammoth donkeys at the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge, and the refuge's therapy donkey. Find standard donkeys, miniature donkeys and also mammoth donkeys for sale on Equine Now. We have had 232 foals born here at Half Ass Acres and out of that 232 we have had 115 jacks (90% were castrated) and 117 jennets for an average of 10 foals per year in spite of keeping around 30 jennets in our brood jennet band (we now have around 20 active brood Donkeys for Sale, Breeders of Exotic Woolly, Miniature, and Irish Donkeys. The donkeys share the acreage with a couple dogs, three horses and one standard donkey. Also, donkeys are NOT like horses personality wise. Over 2000 km of recent packing experience. A small standard size donkey is more suitable for predator control. See riding donkeys for sale. Location: Dec 14, 2015 · Miniature donkeys are an affectionate and comical breed, forming bonds with humans much like dogs do. Donkeys for Sale - Donkeys 1 - 14 of 14. We have both single driving donkeys and teams for sale. The specific vaccines used should be selected based on the disease risks in a particular location and the risk Jun 08, 2009 · This video should answer the question about whether or not donkeys can gait. click here for google language translator. Any breeding animal should possess good conformation and strong bones. Check it out! Donkeys at Livestock Of America - Donkey ranches, Donkeys for Stud, Donkey studs, and Donkey information. The American Donkey and Mule Society (ADMS) classifies donkeys according to size for the purposes of registering the animal. We have several mammoth jennets for our breeding stock of various qualities, colors, and ages. Standard donkeys are one to three steps down the ladder in a less favorable situation depending on their physical stature. He could either be sold entire (for Mini breeding or to add some colour to standard donkeys), or he could be gelded. While it is possible to get them to bond with horses, goats, and even cattle, the best companion for a donkey is another donkey, therefore, our preference is placing our donkeys North Point Jerico Joe foals' colors favor their dams. SOLD: Female"Amelia" Mother: Daisy, Father: Chapero. Male donkeys are called Jacks or Asses, sometimes the two phrases are combined to get the familiar phrase Jackass. Miniature donkeys are smaller than the standard donkey and are thought to have originated in Sardinjan, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Donkeys For Sale Or Wanted Classifieds. Donkeys developed in desert and other arid climates, basically scrounging around for available forage. Standard Donkeys The donkey or ass is a domesticated member of the horse family, Equidae. I think I can say that all of themwork to some extent, some are just better than others. Donkeys for sale - $600 (Carlsbad) Two donkeys both born in 2018. Halter Breaking Calves or Colts—Donkeys of standard size are used to halter break. Made of 3/4 nylon to fit adult standard donkeys. Goliad large standard = 48. 2 gelding donkeys Dark one is a miniature and other lad is traditional standard donk, 4 and 8 years old. This rope halter is designed specifically for mules and donkeys to communicate to the one area they care most about - their nose. Donkeys are very social creatures and need the company of other donkeys or animals. We reserve the right to refuse. We are interested in maintaining the true standard of the breed. Additional Info Donkeys, also called burros and asses, are found throughout the world. We are delivering donkeys etc in the next week or so all around MA NJ NY CT pa etc. Users from all over California, United States can place their ads related to jobs, merchandise, cars, rentals, services, personals and community. Pearl is a two year old registered large standard/Mammonth donkey who needs. Call the Circle Z at (931) 292-9127 for availability. I have two coming yearling standard jack donkeys for sale. Our Donkeys are now in Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Ireland foal Circle C Larissa was the top priced foal/yearling at the 2006 Rocky Mountain Sale. Not much is known… Learn more . Add one dog to the equation and your donkey’s odds go down to moderate to severe wounds…Donkeys work American Donkey Association - Donkeys of all sizes; miniature donkeys, standard donkeys and mammoth donkeys at the American Donkey Association. The little one can be a nervous of new people and the farrier, as Monitor the use of guard donkeys at lambing or kidding as some donkeys might be aggressive or overly possessive to newborns. Standard-size donkeys are primarily used as guards for your herd of cows, goats, and yes, miniature donkeys. Female donkeys are called jennets or jenneys. DONKEYS. An important point. 01″ up to   Considerations When Buying a Guard Donkey. Designed for Mini donkeys and mules as well as small  Nor is it a good idea to buy an ungelded jack (male donkey) as a pet, since A standard (average-sized) pet-quality donkey might cost roughly $500-$1000,  Classified listings of Donkeys for Sale. One is a gelding and the other is still a jack. The female is 4 or 5 years old I believe and the male is getting close to two years old. Labelle Donkeys For Sale Classifieds Online Free Ads, Florida. LittleFriendsRanch. The wild ancestor of the donkey is the  Mickey is a stocky standard donkey with the softest muzzle who loves hugs and her nose rubbed. 5502 FM 914 Stephenville, TX 76401. With care almost any donkey has the potential to become an enriching companion. 3 to 15. View Donkeys For Sale. He has an exceptional head which he passes on to his offspring. There's Such a Thing as "Mammoth" Donkeys. Breeder Name City State Phone Email; West Farm: Las Vegas NV (702) 374-1508 Donkey Whisperer Farm is all about donkeys! We celebrate, educate and promote these magnificent and intelligent beings. Josie is a 36 inch spotted jennet born in 2004. We try to place our donkeys and mules in good homes where they have the potential of continuing their show career and/or providing enjoyable hours out on the trail. Mare. Donkeys at Livestock Of America - Donkey ranches, Donkeys for sale, Donkey studs, and Donkey information. com – Classifieds across Oklahoma. Native Habitat. We have all kinds for you selection including: Young, tame males, Jerusalem Stripe Female Guard Donkeys, Black and White Female Guard Donkeys, Extra tame Female Guard Donkeys that are ready to be ridden and trained, and Spotted Male Stud, Breeding Donkeys. page 2 in one convenient place. 01 - 56 " mammoth = 54 " up for jennets; mature by 6 years of age. Standard Donkey -  Results 1 - 48 of 1090 Buy Donkey Collectables and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. If you’re training your donkey using food rewards, break them into small pieces so that they Our mammothstock donkeys are out of established bloodlines and our Sr. Gelding stands about 45in at the withers and the jack 47in. Standard size donkeys may be able to fill the role as a guardian donkey, but not Miniature Donkeys. $350. The difference between just getting a fly mask for ponies or donkeys is that the fly masks for donkeys have the extended ear length of 13". In addition, we are crossing French Poitou jacks with standard black and white spots to achieve woolly spotted crossbreds. Donkeys range from small to quite large, but you should never need to feed a donkey the same amount of food as a horse or pony of similar size. While not considered miniature by their country of origin, these donkeys were quite smaller than typical donkey. Jun 24, 2020 · JF Ranch (aka JF Miniature Donkeys) is located in the picturesque and fertile Skagit Valley on 69 acres in Northwest Washington State. 300. $400 each . do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Miniature sorrel colt foal for sale. West Farm Performance Mules and Mammoth Donkeys Carol & Glenn West 7560 Sisk Road Las Vegas, NV 89131 Cell (702) 374-1508 EMAIL Explore 90 listings for Donkeys for sale at best prices. Have a few jenies for sale heavy bred standard size. They will attack to kill if predators ever enter their territory. We are dedicated to building public awareness about equine personality, behavior and are deeply invested in educating and empowering you with safe, holistic, resistance-free training methods that foster a strong bond between Sunny G. For example, male donkeys and female horses create mules, and female donkeys and male horses create hinnies. 1st Standard Jack, Reserve Grand Champion Houston 1997 1st Standard Jack, Reserve Grand Champion, ADMS Nationals, 1994. Search or Browse online internet classifieds ads Posted in labelle for Donkeys For Sale by other users. STANDARD, 40. Genuine reason for sale. Ocala Donkeys For Sale Classifieds Online Free Ads, Florida. We will have several babies for sale this fall and next spring. Call John is you are interested in owning her at 660 Members of the Asinus genus of the equidae family, Donkeys got the short straw and the big ears of the family. American Donkey Association is comprised of enthusiasts seeking to promote the love and gentle nature of donkeys through promotional activities, increasing shows and knowledge. There are three types of donkeys: Minis,  1 Feb 2018 Pack Saddle - Sawbuck. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. If interested please contact me at can discuss what you are Georgetown, Kentucky » Donkeys $600: Mini jack 4 yt old mini jack Sep 29, 2013 · 1) I'd get a standard if you have large predators. #. Size. The darker gray colour of smaller donkeys is looked down upon by breeders. DOB. Dec 08, 2014 · STANDARD. For Sale . Foals. Miniatures are up to 36 inches. Buffy has been living with two gelding donkeys ( Grizz and Stuart) for several years but would also do well with another jennet. Jacks. comAll size pigs for sale in Florida including potbellied, teacup, micro mini, and standard pigs. Standard-sized donkeys tend to weigh 400 to 500 pounds and stand 36 to 48 inches at the withers. For other donkeys for sale please check on our for sale page. all kinds! Other livestock & exotics are available Standard Donkeys Copper Star Standard Donkeys For Sale / Sold. 8% of the time and seen in mammoths up to 61% of the time. Miniature Donkeys For Sale: HOME: Standard / Mammoth Donkeys For Sale: Broodmares: MULES: Lil' Longears Sir Ike AKA "Cash" for Dash for Cash, Born Feb 2004 Black Roan with 4 White Stockings John (Gelding) Mule Should Mature around 15 Domestic donkeys have retained a lot of the aggression of the wild ancestors. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - standard donkeys listings. Mule: A mule is the result of breeding between a male donkey and a female horse. He does NOT do well with other male donkeys. Samurai actually saved my life - getting between me and 2 horses last year as I was being kicked. “They're  Our donkeys & mules that are available for adoption to qualifying homes. Male donkeys are called jacks, and female donkeys are jennets. As far as where to get a donkey, there are breeders online, and the U. They are nice looking boys. Standard-size donkeys are primarily used as guards for your herd of cows, goats, and yes, miniature  Miniature donkeys, standard donkeys, burros. Donkeys for Sale. The Weanling size was just a teeny bit close to my large mini/small standard donkey, so I'm trying the Yearling size this year. Donkey fly mask and socks, Gidgeannup Produce and Saddlery Photo: Janetta Traylen Gidgeannup Produce and Saddlery Stock feeder, equestrian products and pet supplies. Find standard donkeys, miniature donkeys and also mammoth donkeys for sale on Equine Now. For best results, use donkeys in small (less than 600 acres), open pastures with no more than 200 sheep or goats. Donkeys For Sale Our breeding program has contributed to breeding farms across the USA and in many other countries as well. Photo Gallery Miniature donkeys for sale. Donkeys and mules are often said to be stubborn, however, this is not true. Born in 1989, Apache is one of the three original donkeys fostered  mammoth = 54" up for jennets; mature by 6 years of age. May 22, 2015 · There are three different types of donkeys based on their height measured at shoulder level. 00. The height range is 48. 3-31. See my 10 Easy Enrichment Ideas for Donkeys. 01-48") Large Standard donkey (this is Crimson, 52" tall). 2020 Horse Sale Schedule Taxidermy Gun & Yellow Tag Trophy Room Blue Tag Taxidermy Pink Tag Taxidermy Blow Out Frequently Asked Questions Alternative Livestock Sales Schedule Nursery Llamas and Alpacas Elk Reindeer and all other deer Camels Zebras African Hoofstock Bison Cattle Ratites Sheep & Goat Miniature & Standard Donkeys Miniature Horses Apr 13, 2017 · “Sports” like Donkey Basketball, often used in charity events, take advantage of the fact that small standard donkeys often will work under extremely heavy and unbalanced people, not showing the pain they are in. Photo by Becky Burns The Donkey, Donkeys, Horse Stuff, Riding Helmets, Horses. Uses. Donkeys and mules are very smart and cautious and like to be safe. She is sweet as pie and I am very excited. From being quite shy he now loves to play and comes over for attention as soon as we go into the field. and her two gelding sons, aged 14 and 16 had to find a new home as their owners did not want them to go to auction or worse. 60+ China is depleting the world's donkeys to include donkeys in USA. So if you would like to be on the  Results 1 - 15 of 22 Discover Donkey for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace. Search or Browse online internet classifieds ads Posted in ocala for Donkeys For Sale by other users. com Toggle navigation Ideally, for standard size donkeys the door width should be 4'(122 cm) with a bottom stable door height of 3' 6" (107 cm). Look at our YouTube videos on this site. She was born feral and sold by the BLM. Nose fits 15-20" and full crown 36-41". Standard Donkeys for Sale. Also Training, Clinics, and Saddle Donkey Training Videos, By leading Saddle Donkey trainer Howdy Jun 29, 2019 · Miniature Donkeys for Sale in Alberta We are just a short drive south east of Red Deer Alberta and well worth the drive! Please feel free to contact us regarding any members of our herd. Confusion Self Help: Buy Our Book. 2 standard Jacks that are all roughly 4-5 years old. And they need to be set up for success!!! Make sure your correctly representing your donkeys and mules:. We are a breeding farm for quality American Mammoth Jackstock. Make sure your vet checks her from 15-22 days in to breeding. Many customers point out how much their donkeys and mules love their fly mask. $150 They are friendly and good protectors. SOLD: Male "Matador" Mother: Daisy, Father: Chapero. We have zero problems with predators including dogs, bob cats, coyotes, snakes, fox, and raccoons on our property. All donkeys are sold with a negative Donkeys come in a variety of colors. delivery service available. Donkeys for Sale 1-15 of 100+ Results Pearl is a two year old registered large standard/Mammonth donkey who needs. Ziggy Lakebay, Washington 98349 USA 2006 White Donkey Stallion Donkey stud … Hey all! I have just adopted a 6 month old standard donkey Jennett. Apache. There are several sizes of donkeys and mules and the following classifications can help you see where your own donkey or mule fits. Copper Star Farm Guardian Standard & Mammoth Jennets,Jacks,& Rocky the standard donkey in Ohio at AmericanListed. Note: The smallest size breast collar we can make is 18" Long. Feet trimmed and wormed to date and passports. Stands well for fly spray and enjoys being brushed as long as you don't pull the tangles on her belly (then she runs away). Jul 11, 2020 · NOTE: Our policy to hold foals & donkeys has changed as of 12/1/2015. Contact us for more information! Bob, I have two large-standard donkeys and one that’s just barely mammoth size. They look a lot like their cousins, but have long, floppy ears and tend to be stockier than horses or zebras. com, at the time of this writing, has a handful of donkeys available for sale, with prices range anywhere from $300 to as much as $2,000. Donkeys vary considerably in size, depending on breed and management. Both are sweet, but not trained. Our new 2020 foals will start arriving the end of April. Labor. Sized for your mini donkey, mule, or small (standard) donkey. DONKEYS MIN male Jack 8 year old. 3. Standard Guard Donkeys. Remove donkeys temporarily if necessary. He has heavy bone and great width through out. On our site, you'll find three different types of donkeys depending on the size. Olbek Pt Homosassa, FL 352-503-5027 info@littlepigfarm. 5", Dark red jack. Call. Miniature Donkeys for Sale at storylandminiaturedonkeys. tuft at the end, are classified by size: Miniature, Standard, Large Standard, and Mammoth. We guarantee our donkeys to be as we represent them and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - donkeys listings. Lactation may stop being mauled and killed by neighborhood dogs. Miniatures -- Herdsires Lords Hill Bold Edge (Mr. *She is being sponsored  Though we do try to work primarily with miniatures, we always seem to have some standard donkeys here, and most recently, we took in a few mammoth  A mule is the offspring of a male donkey (a jack) and a female horse (a mare). Not all donkeys are cut out the be guardian donkeys. Olive. Miller's Meadow Miniature Donkeys For Sale. The dorsal stripe is known as the donkeys cross. Hawkeye is very straight and correct. Donkeys - $250 (Kaufman) < image 1 of 1 > QR Code Link to This Post. Only registered miniature donkeys, with proven lines under 36 inches, up to 38 and will have an O on their papers for oversize. It is completely free to post an Ad on this website. Mare-Rapid River, MI. A cross between a donkey and a horse is called a mule, while a male horse and a female donkey produces a hinny. Call Today! Egyptian Mau & Savannah Kittens for Sale from Belle Hollow Farms and Exotics Mules Offered For Sale Currently Highlighted We have additional mules available not posted on the website. Maybe it is because of breeding the two breed together or just the way God made them, but they can and are great donkeys used for the same purposes as all others. Mini-donkeys can also be bred to create more mini-donkeys, and since they're in high demand, it can be a lucrative business. 1: For Sale • At Stud. FOR SALE - College Station, TX - I have 6 FREE standard donkeys. We also raise registered miniature donkeys of good bloodlines. As a result your herd of cows or flock of goats is guarded and protected against such intruders. africanus. Sana (Rescue) -Adopted - (2020) Looking to give a couple of mammoth and/or standard donkeys a loving forever home. There are also various donkey rescue organizations, which have donkeys for sale. 5" @ birth, 27. They have VERY independent minds! California Donkeys For Sale classifieds. We have minis already and absolutely know the work and care donkeys need. Donkeys can be used just like horses under saddle and in harness. com – Classifieds across Texas. He also has a great temperament. Variety of colors, very gently and loving. Standard jennets are 36. 01" -48" tall, and LARGE STANDARD DONKEY, 48. She is very gentle and easy going. 200. Our mammoth jennets' bloodlines include Buchshocker Red, Townley's Monroe, and Siemon's Glen. This advert is located in and around Belper, Derbyshire. New Cl A ssifie d £450 Each For Sale JENNY DONKEYS. any sale that is not in the best interest of our donkeys. If anything we have lost money on several of the rescue animals. Please contact us if wish to be on our Birth Announcement list. Driving donkeys is an activity the whole family can enjoy. I am located near Grande Prairie and Dawson Creek but I am making a trip south in the near future so please let me know what you have! Thank you. It's the most important tool in your tack room and a properly adjusted halter will give you maximum control over your mule and donkey's every move. Female mammoths measure 54 inches or taller at the withers , and males come in at 56 inches or taller. Female donkeys are called Jennys or Jennets. The Weanling size will fit most medium-large mini donkeys. Most kids love to drive donkeys, and with proper supervision, a well trained donkey is safe for children. Donkeys love to work and have a job, but need to be weighted according to their size and conformation. I have standard donkey available thats been started under saddle. Their contentment. Regular price $450. Loving, smart and willing to be a life-long partner, miniature donkeys are a most wonderful addition to most any acreage. Im dedicated to showing, breeding and selling high quality colorful miniature donkeys with correct conformation and wonderful temperaments. 3 jennets and 1 jack. It is more likely that a lone guard donkey will work better than a pair. It's also free to list advertise a stallion. It all started with a trip to a horse auction back in 1988. Aug 08, 2018 · Older ones can be sold for as little as $500. Donkey foals are weaned between 3 to 4 months of The reproductive anatomy of the male donkey is similar to that of the standard horse. Due to relationship break up we have two Jenny Donkeys looking for new homes. Donkeys are very intelligent and learn quickly. Miniature donkeys stand between 36 – 40 inches tall when full grown. Alvin is a white Standard donkey, born in 2010. This page is about our premium Guard donkeys. Mammoth Jacks are still used primarily for mule production. ". Female donkeys have a 21-28 day estrus cycle with obvious behavioral signs of receptivity when a jack is present. 3 hands (31 to 63 inches, 79 to 160 cm), and the weight from 80 to 480 kg (180 to 1,060 lb). There are no true-breeding North American donkey breeds. Miniature Donkeys for Sale History of the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Feeding and Care How to buy one of our animals Family Album. Will need some other animal for company, cannot be kept on their own. com – Classifieds across Illinois. All our donkeys are halter trained, friendly and easy to handle. If a donkey is unable to live with other donkeys, they will adapt easily and bond with most other animals some naturally and others by learned behaviour. Donkeys are herd animals and do best when paired with another donkey. He throws color!(baby not for sale) do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Usually we have miniature donkeys for sale year round. Our mammoth jackstock donkeys are bred for a great disposition, soundness and to make great performance donkeys. Standard Donkeys for Sale The donkey or ass is a domesticated member of the horse family, Equidae. Pictures coming soon. Please  between donkeys and horses. West-central Wisconsin breeder of Grants Zebras - bucket or mother-raised young stock and some adults available. It is our desire to produce an exemplary miniature donkey, one with excellent conformation but small in size (33" or smaller). He was  My foals are handled daily. Miniature Donkeys for Sale at Half Ass Acres Miniature Donkeys. Temperament Standard Donkey For Sale. all have been prepared for children and therapy programs. ALL donkeys are micro-chipped and are registered with ADMS, Canadian or the Standard Donkey Registry (4/21) breeder Copper Star Farm Miniature and Standard Donkeys donkeys for sale Emily D. (8/20) donkeys equines mini donkeys miniature donkeys pets. Mickey has been adopted by a wonderful French Canadian  3 days ago If they're too big, they'll be classified as “standard” donkeys rather than miniature ones. Birth Announcements. ) 2017 Jennets Due: Hickory Hill Jackstock is devoted to raising beautiful mammoth jackstock donkeys. and health depends on the companionship of other donkeys or equine. Americanlisted has classifieds in Hickory, North Carolina for home and garden, house, gorgeous gardens, practical gardening, waterwise, garden style, home styling, green garden, plants, trees, bushes, flowers, gardening tools, gardening shovel, gardening . Jenny Ruth is owned by John & Bonnie Niebruegge, Kirksville, MO. Standard Donkeys Standard Donkeys (2) HORSES/PONIES FOR SALE Foals 2020 FOALS 2019 FOALS 2019 (2) FOALS 2018 FOALS 2017 FOALS 2016 FOALS 2016 (2) FOALS 2015 FOALS 2014 FOALS 2013 Foals 2012 Foals 2011 Foals 2010 Foals 2009 Foals 2008 Foals 2007 Foals 2006 Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys DONKEYS Jul 11, 2018 · Miniature donkeys are not more than 36 inches (91 centimeters) tall, measured from the highest point of the withers to the ground. com – Classifieds across Ohio. We breed mammoth performance donkeys, in the 56” to 59” height range, to produce a saddle “type” suitable for today’s recreational donkey. 745. Pic for attention. I have a breeding pair of standard Donkeys. It is not natural for them to eat from a net or rack. Therefore your fencings should be safe for the donkeys, which means keeping predators out — either woven wire (field fencing) or high tensile fencing with "hot" wires as a deterrent. You cannot force a donkey and they remember EVERYTHING, good and bad. One grey bigger Jenny 12 years old. He is $500. They are showing potential to be good guards or would be good pets or companions. You can be sure that all available models are very comfortable for donkeys and mules. we breed, raise, show, and sell tiny, registered miniture donkeys specializing in micro mini donkeys. Must be picked up soon. Sep 29, 2013 · 1) I'd get a standard if you have large predators. My neighbor has a mule and she raves about how her Steve Edwards saddle fits her mule. Though we do try to work primarily with miniatures, we always seem to have some standard donkeys here, and most recently, we took in a few mammoth donkeys (the draft horse of donkeys!). Vet checks are welcome on any equine we offer prior to paying for the equine, once sold they are "as-is" so please come look, try, and vet all you want BEFORE buying. The cheapest offer starts at £2. FOR SALE "Marcus" 8yr 12h Brown Tan Riding Donkey Cut Jack - Child and Family Friendly Miniature donkeys may be the cutest Small Standard Donkeys These are what I call the donkeys that somehow fall in size between a Miniature and a Standard. Or even trade for a llama or alpaca. She is pushy and bratty because of this and needs gentle and consistent training to become a better donkey citizen. She knew there were unwanted donkeys needing homes but she was unable to find them, because unwanted donkeys were usually sold for slaughter at local sale barns. If donkeys were on the Starbucks menu, you'd get a standard donkey if you ordered  Find miniature horses or donkeys ads in the South Africa Horses & Ponies section | Search Gumtree free online classified ads for miniature horses or buy bundle and insertion fee ad title All standard and remedial shoeing and trimming. We provide a friendly local platform to the consumers to buy, sell and trade. Our prices start at $1750 and up! For details, pictures, etc. Size, Conformation and Behaviour. Miniature Donkeys For Sale: HOME: Standard / Mammoth Donkeys For Sale: Broodmares: MULES: Lil' Longears Sir Ike AKA "Cash" for Dash for Cash, Born Feb 2004 Black Roan with 4 White Stockings John (Gelding) Mule Should Mature around 15 Jul 11, 2018 · Miniature donkeys are not more than 36 inches (91 centimeters) tall, measured from the highest point of the withers to the ground. Jun 12, 2019 · Standard Cut Jack. we breed, raise, show, and sell tiny, registered miniture donkeys specializing in spotted donkeys. We're the ones that you may be looking for but haven't yet found on the for sale list. If the donkeys gets sick in the first 90 days, we will replace it. The gray and white is a Jenny and the smaller brown is a gelding. Since 1998 John Cooley has researched, looked far and wide for specific foundation bloodlines and body types for selective breeding to build one of the best American Mammoth Jackstock breeding programs anywhere. 254-965-7224 From about 1785, some large donkeys were imported from Europe to the eastern part of the continent. Miniature Donkeys are very popular because so many people realize and value their unique qualities; they are also a good financial investment — an investment you can love! Miniature Donkeys require a small amount of grain, good quality hay, a mineral salt block, and fresh, clean water. If you have a teeny tiny mini donkey, you may want to try one size down (Foal, I believe). At different times of the year, Circle Z offers quality donkeys and mules (both geldings and jennies) for sale. However the Sicilian donkey is known for its sweet, affectionate disposition. 507-838-2633 cstory0479@msn. Measure around the nose for nose measurement and from the nose on one side up behind the ears and back to the nose on the other side for the full crown measurement. He is used to humans but still shy and timid being so young. If a group of donkeys is attacked, they will form a circle and fight the predator with their hooves. They were bred and the female is due fairly soon but I’m not exactly sure when. There is a variety of domestic donkey breeds & bloodlines range based on local needs, local terrain and the need for stronger & more robust animals. A hinny can be a good companion for a donkey, and there are donkeys that prefer horses or mules to another donkey. MINIATURE GUARD DONKEYS 724-228-2739 donkeys in North Carolina at AmericanListed. Mar 12, 2014 · Donkeys come in three sizes: miniature, standard, and mammoth. Donkeys must however be trained as they are not born knowing how to pull or the commands, both verbal or the touch you will need for driving. Driving Donkeys For Sale. Floor level feeder. been or are likely to be performed in donkeys. Location. Livestock Of America is the place to buy Donkeys online from Donkey ranches across USA. We also have standard size herd protector donkeys to I have several donkeys for sale: 1 gelded standard Jack who is 7 years old, friendly, and is halter broke. com Buffy is 21 year old, beautiful grey standard jennet with the dorsal cross. We have had 232 foals born here at Half Ass Acres and out of that 232 we have had 115 jacks (90% were castrated) and 117 jennets for an average of 10 foals per year in spite of keeping around 30 jennets in our brood jennet band (we now have around 20 active brood Miniature donkeys for sale. We are proud of our donkeys and their new owners who have earned national honors, Best of breed, Best of Show, Grand Champion, and many other titles at shows here in the USA and around the world, Congratulations to all of you! Horses Pony For Sale Available Windy Hill Farm specializes in safe ponies and Donkeys. MI. We got our first mini in 1996 after I saw an ad in the local Thrifty Nickel for miniature donkeys. Rocketman has been training to drive! Guardian Donkeys For Sale. I have an average of 5 to 7 standard babies a year. Our mares are selected on conformation, color, bloodlines and disposition. 01 inches at the withers to 40" . Donkeys are herd animals. Donkeys do not need as large a space to be happy as horses do because they look at things differently. Donkeys, known mostly from their long ears, the black markings across their withers and down their back, and their mostly-hairless tails with the tuft at the end, are classified by size: Miniature, Standard, Large Standard, and Mammoth. Multiple ovulations are seen in standard donkeys form 5. Stoic, no-nonsense characters, they do it all: pack animal, companion, flock guard and even babysitter for young stock. He is 16, gentle and mannerly, loves to cuddle. BE) is a 27. 22. In fact, retired jennies can be as little as $200. Rapid River, Michigan. Jul 10, 2020 · Ravenwood Farm is a miniature donkey farm in Hartsville, Indiana providing champion and award winning mini donkeys for sale. This donkeys name is billy, he’s a good farm donkey and a great protector. They play around and around rather than taking off at a good head of steam as horses do so they need less room. All are halterbroke and stand to. Standard: The American Donkey and Mule Society refers to these medium sized animals as "Standard Donkeys". This page is a service to help place donkeys that are outside of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue's system. We are located 15 minutes west of Shelbyville and about 3 5 miles southeast of Nashville, Tennessee. Adopted donkeys cannot be bred; Adequate shelter and fencing must be provided (requirement varies by region) Donkeys must be kept on adopter's property (no boarding facilities) All PVDR Donkeys have had all of their vaccines ; All PVDR Donkeys come with guaranteed health. donkeys in Illinois at AmericanListed. May 20, 2020 · We share Elevenses with 39 llamas, 21 miniature donkeys, one Shetland Sheep, four goats, and an assortment of ducks, cats, and dogs. 8/2086 Toodyay Rd Gidgegannup, Perth, Western Australia. Each foal is halter broke and started on trail obstacles . Our first donkey - A family pet "Dinky Lee" captured Dan's heart the moment he received him as a surprise Birthday present! These animals are priced according to what we have invested in them and any moneys will go right back into the rescue pot to help any future donkeys in need. This is in contrast to the horse, whose first reflex is to flee from danger. Mar 14, 2020 · Thank you for visiting our sale barn and for making our first nine years extremely successful for our Barn Members and for the miniature donkey industry as a whole! We look forward to another great year in 2020! This is the perfect place to find that special donkey! We showcase jacks, jennys and geldings of Miniature donkeys, standard donkeys, burros. on any of the donkeys listed please email or call (916-803-9915). Since 1999 Genesis Farms has grown into one of today’s top producers of show mules and performance donkeys. Waynesville, North Carolina 28786 Find horses of all breeds and disciplines for sale across the country! $500 4 Donkeys Ready for Adoption. , donkeys are classified by size. Standard donkeys are normally used to guard large pasture animals (eg: cattle) while small standard or miniature donkeys make excellent guardians for goats and sheep in smaller areas. standard donkeys for sale

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